Enrollment Process

Skillonation’s flexible and student-friendly process enables you to quickly connect with us and our pool of Industrial Experts. The easy-to adapt process helps you to join the course without any regressive eliminating sessions.Our Program is designed in the manner that we will invest in you initially and you need to pay the course fees when you will get a job.
To apply for the program you need to have a minimum qualification of graduation in any computer/IT related field or branch or the applicant should be at least in Final Year of the graduation.
Fill the application form, which is free of cost, give the Screening test.Once shortlisted you will be directed to video-screening/offline screening session with our mentors.
If you are shortlisted for Round 2 , then Our experts will take a video interview checking your EQ and Attitude towards your Growth and Career. No need to worry regarding interview, this would be a know-how about the program conversation between you and our mentor.

Income Share Agreement

ISA stands for Income sharing agreement. We at skillonation believes in valuing humans and so we do not want that young talent steps back keeping in mind the financial domain related to any course. Here at Skillonation you can enter into an ISA(Income sharing agreement) with us where you can share a certain percentage of your income with us as part of tuition fees.
You can Pay upfront in a single installment , if you don’t want to enter into the ISA.
No, Absolutely not ; you can opt for either of the ways for the program and our team of mentors, industrial experts will guide you throughout the journey to carve out the best of you.
If you leave the course in between , you will be subjected to our action through ISA Breach Policy.
You need to give a security cheque of 50k during the admission. We will return this after successful completion of the course.If you leave the course in between then abiding by rules we will use the cheque for recovery.


Our industry vetted curriculum curated by experienced mentors will enable you to work upon capstone project catering industrial requirements in the tech industry. This will help you to hands-on with technologies ,frameworks, deployment etc.
Yes, you will be evaluated through tests based upon the topics covered during the month. Based upon the test reports you will be shortlisted for the placement sessions.
Weekly webinar, soft skills classes, mock interview , Doubt solving forums are the other deliverables to the students from skillonation , apart from the daily lectures from our Expert mentors.
We intend you to take every class, but in any case if due to some reasons you need a day -off then that is allowed provided you inform the assistant mentors and in charge prior to 3 days.
Yeah you will be able to access selective modules but for a certain time duration.


Minimum 75% attendance in daily lectures and during test is mandatory to make it for placement sessions through us.
On the basis of your attendance and your score in monthly tests you will be further shortlisted to opt for placement sessions.
Yeah, our team is always ready to support you during the course and even after the course.
After the course for upto 6 months we would be giving you placement assistance.
We strive for your betterment and will support you to achieve your best but if due to some reasons you are not selected then you need not have to pay the tuition fees.
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